Travel Tip: Get that Wi-Fi

This tip is not an oldie but a goodie. Most people, when travelling would tell you that you are going to miss most of the trip if you have your smartphone with you at all times. Well, that is true.

However, having Wi-Fi can save you a lot of trouble in case of emergencies and most of all, you can share your travel photos within seconds for the world to see. Well, not the world but your friends and family.

Book on the Spot

Travel Tip Get that Wi Fi Book on the Spot - Travel Tip: Get that Wi-Fi

There is so much you can do in New Zealand in terms of activities. From hiking trails to skydiving. Most of these activities need to be booked online. So, if you want to get rid of all the hassle of calling people one after another and making payments, you can just download travel and booking applications.

For example, Camper Mate. In this application, you can book hotel accommodation as well as tour packages. There are a bunch of applications that offer similar services and you can only use them with Wi-Fi.

A Great Way to Kill Time

Travel Tip Get that Wi Fi A Great Way to Kill Time - Travel Tip: Get that Wi-Fi

You can’t go around the city walking around, and you are sure to ride public transportation. Keep in mind that even aboard buses and trains, you are still in for quite a treat here in Christchurch. You get to see the vibrant communities across the city and some old buildings and homes.

If you are however finding yourself being bored, you can use your smartphone or laptop to catch maybe a movie or play some online video games. Here’s a suggestion, before your trip, sign-up for an online casino account at all jackpot online casino.

This website is big here in New Zealand and you are sure to have great fun playing a bunch of casino games wherever you are.

But the real thrill is out there and not on your phone. So, make sure to open up yourself to all that Christchurch has to offer.